A Web Design Roadmap Part 3

Next you have put your web design together.  Congratulations, you are finished, right?  Not quite; you still need to make sure it works, and websites require constant attention to keep them up-to-date.

Testing the Web Design

The testing stage of creating a web design marks the point that the web design has basically been completed. This means all the features of web design have been put together, programmed, and are ready to be used.

The testing of your web design is the process of making sure that each and every function in the web design works as expected. Features such as navigation and links in your web design should be tested to make sure they point to the correct pages within the web design. Things like feedback and contact us forms should be tested to make sure the inputted information gets delivered in the proper format, to the correct people.

Another piece of web design testing is to check to see if the web design displays correctly in different browsers. Sometimes a web design that displays properly in Internet Explorer will not display properly on other browsers, and vice versa, so you will need to confirm that your web design appears as desired in multiple browsers.

Maintenance of Your Web Design

The maintenance of your web design is a crucial step in the web design process and will ensure that you keep visitors coming back. One part of web design maintenance is adding new information or products to your web design on a regular basis. Fresh content will give visitors something new to read or interact with, keeping your web design relevant to them.

One way to keep your web design up to date is with the use of a content management system (CMS), which would have been decided upon in the planning stages. A CMS allows you to add and modify content, banners, links, and products in your web design without the use of programming languages. As an example, adding content to a CMS will usually consist of a Microsoft Word-like area that allows you to add and format text, and images, just like you would with a regular text editor program.

It is really up to you as far as how comfortable you feel updating your own web design. Some people prefer to have total control, so that they can make updates to their own web site as soon as they decide to do so. Others prefer to hand off the web design to someone else, to prevent it from taking up too much of their time.



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