5 Ways in Which Web Design Affects Business

Your company’s website isn’t just a way for potential customers to learn about your business — it’s the cornerstone of your digital presence. A good website sends the message that you're a strong, well-managed company that’s worthy of success. On the other hand, a poor website that is difficult to navigate can drive away potential customers not only from your site, but from your business altogether, sending them right toward your competition. When it comes to the design of your business’s website, you want to make sure you get it right. Here are five things to consider.
1. Good Design Inspires Confidence

According to Digital Information World, 94% of web users are reluctant to trust a website (and, by extension, the business behind it) with bad design. A well-designed site makes your business look credible; if a visitor makes a purchase from your site, there’s no doubt that the purchased item will soon arrive on his or her doorstep. Also, remember that a well-designed website plays a big role in the branding of your business and your overall digital presence. It’s got to look good. We know that people should not judge a book by its cover, but the harsh reality is that people do just that. You want a site that will be judged well.

2. Organization is Paramount

More than looking good, it’s important for your business website to have a layout that keeps the eye moving around the page in a logical and helpful way. Information should be easy to find, and scrolling rather than a lot of clicking is typically preferred. Remember, if it’s too hard to find information on your website, visitors won’t think twice about looking elsewhere.

3. Dark Colors Work Best 

While this may be a strange statistic, the numbers don’t lie. Also according to Digital Information World, websites with darker colors keep users looking longer, generation more traffic, and boost overall sales. The difference may not be huge — maybe half a percentage point on each measurement — but as any good businessperson can tell you, every little uptick helps.

4. Think Bullet Points, Not Paragraphs

When visitors come to your website, they’re looking to find information quickly and easily. Therefore, all written content should be easily scannable, with subheaders, bulleted factoids, and enough white space to make the text easy to read. Remember, web users typically aren’t looking for a novel — they’re looking for small pieces of information, and they don’t want to take too long to find them.

5. Mobile is a Must

With more and more people shopping, doing product research, and making purchases using their smartphones, it’s crucial for your website to have responsive design, or design that looks good on a mobile device as well as on a desktop or laptop. Bottom line: if your site doesn’t look good on a five-inch screen, you will lose business.

whether  you’re creating a website from scratch or doing a redesign of an established site, it’s always best to work with an experienced and trusted web developer and designer to create a business site that will hit all of these marks. Again, a well-designed website, along with a strong social media presence and a comprehensive digital marketing plan, can help to establish your business as a revered competitor, no matter what field you’re in.